Papyrus text import module packed?

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 98 17:11 GMT0

I have had some crashes importing First Word Plus files into Papyrus Gold 5

I am pretty sure my Papyrus came unpacked (V4 was packed), but I strongly
suspect the TEXTCONV module it uses to convert 1WP files is packed...
though I can't find any unpacker which will unpack it... they all make it
bigger if I pack it again.

I've tried NDE_PACK. SFX, PFX, NAUGHTY unpackers.

Any ideas?
Could Papyrus have some built-in code to unpack modules?
(Actually I think TEXTCONV is self-unpacking because I can run it
standalone and it comes up with a dialogue which cannot be found in the
program itself)

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