Re: Replacing TV connector with S-Video

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 12:56:50 -0800 (PST)

>Just Curious,
>Is it possible to retrofit the Falcon with an S-Video output where the TV
>output connector is? At this point in time, having an RF out is pretty much
>useless for DeskTop Video application. I thought that someone would make an
>S-Video block for the monitor port like the RGB and VGA blocks.

OXO use to have a device that connected to the Falcon monitor port
that allowed for S-VHS output. I tried like hell to obtain one, but
they never responded to any mails. There are devices that can do this
(at 31.5Hz), but they cost a lot more than for what OXO offered.

> However, a
>realized that it would be better have the RGB monitor connected to the monitor
>port and have the VCR connected to the TV (S-Video) port. Is this possible?
>With a Nova card is it possible to have Apex's controls displayed on the Nova
>output and the video (Broadcast) output displayed via Videl (RGB/S-Video)?

Apex doesn't use GEM, so it cannot be displayed on the NOVA card:(. IF
Apex Alpha ever makes it????? Maybe some kind sole will release the
beta if the final version is never going to be released. It does
supposedly work on the NOVA.

The problem will still be that your trying to utilize the RF output,
which is not the same as NTSC composite. The audio and video signals
are mixed there, and as a by product, you get the crappy video output
that you see.

>Peter Ross

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