Fast RAM buffers

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 98 13:59 GMT0

In the interests of expanding my knowledge of fast ram buffering...

I know there is an ongoing usenet discussion.. but I have just had an
email clarification from Steffen Engel re: GEMAR:

Steffen wrote:
| O>As I understand it, HDDRIVER uses the TOS FRB for it's hard disk
| O>operations, but if you ask it for the SCSIDRV functionality it uses a
| O>separate XFRB... which I had not allowed. I may well be wrong, though.
| The FRB is for the discdriver, that's correct. For Applications, who need a
| buffer for Alt-RAM to ST-RAM copiing, it is forbidden to use the FRB, so
| they need an own buffer. For this, there was created the XFRB, a buffer
| with same functionality as the FRB but for use of applications. The
| existence may not disturb GEMAR, a GEMAR uses the XFRB if it exists, or use
| an own buffer, if not.

Presumably, if GEMAR has to create it's own buffer in ST RAM then it is
likely to be cached by the AB040 and there might be problems?
Does the AB040 toolkit know not to cache the XFRB if created with
I wonder what other applications use the XFRB.
Also, what happens under multi-tasking? Can two applications use the XFRB
at once?

Oliver Skelton
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