Re: Where are they now: Atari's Wizards

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 09:11:10 +0100

> The father of the Atari Falcon and the Jaguar; Richard Miller, has created a
> new company called VM-Labs. They are working on the new game machine based on
> the Jaguar called Project-X. Check out the URL below to get more information.
> This should be very interesting to see what can progress at this time. I'm
> sure that they are very busy with the Project-X development, but perhaps they
> can share some insite into further Falcon development as well. Perhaps they
> may even have a copy of the '040 TOS for Falcon.

I have already talked to them and who knows? :-)

All that I can say is that currently they have no plans of making any
computers, but they didn't say that they never will.

It would be pretty cool if they did and someone like Philips manufactured
and sold it. ;-)

//Magnus Kollberg
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