Re: Where are they now: Atari's Wizards

From: eonic man <>
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 04:35:29 -0500

Magnus Kollberg wrote:

> I can't see what he would be able to tell us what we doesn't already know.
> What graphics libraries? VDI or? I don't belive Atari develo0ped any DSP
> applications for the Falcon. And there is speech recognition for MiNT available
> for that matter.

Cool, can you give more info on that? Also, is there a decent quality text to
speech prog for the Falcon?

 fVDI will allow everything you want and more so there wont
> be any need for NVDI in the future, except the GDOS part.

Any news on Fenix? Version stats on the various components? Possible release
date? etc.?

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