Help! I need sombody!

From: Joerg Hohwiller <>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 15:33:14 +0100 (MET)

Hello Guys!

I still have no TMS 27PC240 to write TOS 4.04.
But as I got bored, I decided to install the switch as explained on the
Homepage of ... (sorry I forgot the name, but you know it).

The relais I got had a little different pinout, but there were no
problems. As I turned on my computer nothing happened...
The screen kept black. I tested all connections, but everything seemed OK.
The only thing I could not test was the cable soldered to pad 17. In my
way of pure optimistics I had hotglued everything. As I removed it to have
a look at pad 17, I broke off pin 17 completely :((((
I still dont know what was the problem - maybe the CPU died while
soldering (I used a 7 Watt soldering-gadget (dont know the word))
an other problem could be that the relais produced a to high voltage when
it was turned off. I have heard of those problems, but I did not care
about, because there were no comments about it in the description.
But before the pine broke off, I directly connected the pin 17 cable with
the pad 17 cable and the pin 16 cable with the pin 4 cable from the gal
and it did not work... What to do now?

I remember someone broke the pin 17, too. Maybe he can help me.
What about removing the whole CPU?

Please help me, If you have any Idea...

If my falcon is completely wreck I surely will have no more motivation to
stay with atari :(


Greetings Joerg
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