Re: DSP stability

From: Richard Elwell <>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 09:28:47 +0000

On Sun, 22 Feb 98 03:21 (Oliver Skelton)

> Running with SCSI disconnected, displaying JPGs in a slideshow with
> Imagecopy I find I get the occasional hang when using the DSP for
> decompression (after letting the show run a while). This is only
> happening with NEM_LO, and not with Nemesis off or NEMHI_AB. It
> doesn't happen when the cpu is used for decompression.

> I guess the first step is to try a heat sink on the DSP... or at
> least measure it's temperature to see if it is hot. Can someone
> remind me roughly where the DSP is on the circuit board?

I think the DSP is towards the back right corner roughly under the
back end of the floppy disk drive, if it was fitted in it's normal
place. It might have a Motorola symbol on it and will almost
certainly have 56001 written in some form.

My Falcon tends to lock up after about 10 mins of running with NEM_LO
but is fine with NEMAB_HI of with Nemesis off. So I think that my
CPU isn't happy running at 40MHz. The DSP is boosted to the NEM_HI
speeds with NEMAB_HI isn't it? This makes me suspect my CPU. I
would like to change it with one that is definitely happy at 40MHz

You mention having SCSI disconnected. Do you not get the problem
with SCSI connected.

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