Re: Milan

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 16:16:50 +0100

>Hi there,

Hi Magnus,

>I just read that the new Milan computer will be able to run both
>as a TOS clone and as a regular Pentium clone. It will be much
>cheaper than getting the Pentium card for the Hades as you will
>just need to add a Pentium CPU. All the chips are already there
>(the Milan is based on a standard PC chipset) so why not use them?

I strongly doubt this would be possible. And if yes, then it will be
something like real PC with Janus on top of it. Not that bad idea, but the
compatibility would not be too high, I think. But once they use 68040,
anything but GEM apps won't run on it, anyway.

When I am thinking about it - yes, that's a really cool idea (to build a
normal PC and just design a 68030 card).

But then, an IBM 200/MX with Gemulator is probably faster than Afterburner
and you need not to bother with developing hardware at all.

Do we really need a new, not too much compatible hardware when there's the
Gemulator? :-)

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