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From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 16:59:49 +0100


> >I just read that the new Milan computer will be able to run both
> >as a TOS clone and as a regular Pentium clone. It will be much
> >cheaper than getting the Pentium card for the Hades as you will
> >just need to add a Pentium CPU. All the chips are already there
> >(the Milan is based on a standard PC chipset) so why not use them?
> I strongly doubt this would be possible. And if yes, then it will be
> something like real PC with Janus on top of it. Not that bad idea, but the
> compatibility would not be too high, I think. But once they use 68040,
> anything but GEM apps won't run on it, anyway.

No, it's more like a Hades with a PC card (Janus in your case).
> When I am thinking about it - yes, that's a really cool idea (to build a
> normal PC and just design a 68030 card).
> But then, an IBM 200/MX with Gemulator is probably faster than Afterburner
> and you need not to bother with developing hardware at all.

Sure, but it's not as fun. A MAJOR difference.
> Do we really need a new, not too much compatible hardware when there's the
> Gemulator? :-)

But this is not the same! It's a TOS computer with a 040/060 which you
can add a Pentium CPU to make it work like a PC. The Pentium will sit on
a card, or maybe have its own CPU socket (I'm not sure which). Then you
just start it as a TOS box or PC box. With a Janus you get a ST with a
Milan you get a Hades comparable TOS computer with the option to play
PC games. It's a dual processor computer with the difference that you
have got a 68k and x86 CPU to choose from. Not some stupied emulator.

Also as a Pentium CPU isn't very expensive it wont cost much to add the
PC option (about the same cost as the slllooowww gemulator I guess). Okey
it wont be the fastest PC on the planet but fast enough and it's still
a TOS box in the soul.

//Magnus Kollberg
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