Re: ACC TOS launcher

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 06:59:47 -0800 (PST)

>> Is there an ACC that can launch a TOS app after a program like
>> Gembench is running under singletasking TOS? Better yet, maybe Magnus
>> could write a CPX like the data and instruction cache have to enable
>> and disable the ECBACK cache.
>You have not tried my AB040 ACC recently, have you? :-)

I thought I had the latest. Do you have the 060 working yet?:).

>You can already set the data, istruction AND copyback cache with
>it. Problem solved. :-)
>The only problem is that the copyback doesn't work very well with
>the Nova card and that is sad as it's nice to have from time to

My NOVA dies immediately after setting the 040 to use fast ram for
copyback:(. It works pretty good with the VDI on several critical
applications however (Apex being one, Phoenix and RayStart the others
for me:).

>> Centek recently posted some Gembench results of their Centurbo II
>> under Dolmen (sp), but I thought the A/B bench was not fairly
>> compaired:).
>They did? I must have missed that. How was it? How complete is
>Dolmen? Does it work? I have lost their webpage, where is it?

It showed up on the fr.comp.sys.atari last night on my newsserver.
Considering they wern't using NVDI, Dolmen looked pretty fast there.
The hardware didn't look much faster than my Mighty Sonic running at
40Mhz (and I posted that;). If I could run 50Mhz on that card, I
don't see any difference. I thought their web page said that they were
going to run it at 70Mhz?
>//Magnus Kollberg
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