Neuss and Raytracers

From: M. Grove <>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 08:39:16 -0700

Magnus Kollberg wrote:

> Talking about raytracers, I read that NeoN will be available again for
> the TT, Falcon and Milan. The price has also dropped and they will sell
> it for only 49 DM at Neuss!!!! Anyone going there?

I have a beta of NeoN and it dosen't run on the NOVA. This version
anyway, is not a GEM application and a little buggy. They use their own
file slector, which is pain in the ass to navigate. However, once you do
get something modeled, it is fast. Somewhere I read that RayStart
imports DXF files, but I don't see any option for that. It is a neat
package, but slow as hell compaired to Phoenix in shading mode. I have
had some better luck with the latest version of EB Modeler. It works
great on the NOVA in 256 colors.

> Does NeoN work on the Nova card? Maybe the TT version does? I have
> always wanted to play with 3D pictures and at 49DM I'm tempted.

I have a friend that is going. I'm sending a shitload of money (DM) and
hoping to finally get N.AES 1.2 and a few other apps. I'll include the
49DM for NEON as well now.
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