Re: Running Cubase (CAF) on AB040

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 09:06:04 +0100


> >Can someone clarify for me whether it loads and runs in fast RAM or
> >ordinary RAM?
> >Is the CAF program file (or any modules??) normally compressed?
> >If you are using it - are you auto-booting HDDRIVER or doing so via
> >AHDI and AUTO folder?
> >
> >Lastly, I have a note at home about an additional patch which can be
> >(manually) applied to the program (apart from Doug's AB40FIX)... is
> >anyone using this? Does it make a lot of difference/What does it fix?
> Use only STram, TOS can be moved to Fastram. I use ver 4.09 of the
> toolkit.
> I boot and strictly use AHDI 6.06u for CAF.
> re the patch, fixes an ocasional key repeat.

Talking about CAF, does anyone use Cubase 3 or CAF with a Nova card?
Does it work properly? I have got some very interresting effects....
like a black screen. I'm starting to suspect that CAF is doing
things with my video RAM...... which it should not do!

I realy hate Cubase anyway as it's one of the most dirty written programs
I have ever seen! Arrghh....

BTW. If there are people interrested in music software take a look at:

There are a few just wonderful programs.

MIDPLAY. Plays most GM files (general midi files) with sound. Works perfectly
on the AB040 and is a must if you like music.

EXPAND. A new super cool music program. It's a complete music studio in your
computer. It works like a regular very expensive sampleplayer (expander)
and works very well. Fully AB040 compatible as well and cheap. Get it for
just the fun of it. You can build multisampled instruments and put effects
on the sounds and do almost everything with it as you can do with a regular
sample player. The best of all (if you can get it to work... it _should_ work)
is that it works together with CAF. You can use CAF as the sequenser and
EXPAND will work like the instrument playing all the sounds you would like.
It sounds very good as well. All on the same computer. You can ofcourse
also use an external keyboard or sequenser and this is adviced as CAF takes
quite much of your computer and it's F*****G buggy..... atleast for me.

Cool or what?

//Magnus Kollberg
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