Re: Milan

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 11:18:44 +0100

Hi Magnus and Michael,

>>> >I just read that the new Milan computer will be able to run both
>>> >as a TOS clone and as a regular Pentium clone. It will be much
>>> >cheaper than getting the Pentium card for the Hades as you will
>>> >just need to add a Pentium CPU. All the chips are already there
>>> >(the Milan is based on a standard PC chipset) so why not use them?
>>> I strongly doubt this would be possible. And if yes, then it will be
>>> something like real PC with Janus on top of it. Not that bad idea, but
>>> compatibility would not be too high, I think. But once they use 68040,
>>> anything but GEM apps won't run on it, anyway.
>????? You must be thinking of the NOVA. Non-Gem apps run fine on the

That's not 100% true. True is that programs run fine on Afterburner040, but
that's only thanks to Doug's ToolKit. Other computers with 68040 have
various problems running older applications.

>>> But then, an IBM 200/MX with Gemulator is probably faster than
>>> and you need not to bother with developing hardware at all.
>Yup, run them games in 16 colors, opps, 3.06 has been stolen, err, I
>mean supported now, so I guess that would mean 8bit, right? But then
>what games run on a TT?

Confusing answer, but anyway: do you think Milan will be more Falcon
compatible or TT compatible? I believe it will be yet another TT clone, very
similar to Medusa T40. So again TOS 3.06 etc.

>>> Do we really need a new, not too much compatible hardware when there's
>>> Gemulator? :-)
>I have a Gemulator that is for sale real cheap. It's pucker factor
>isn't up to my Falcons standards:).

again: do you expect Milan will be up to your Falcon standards?

>>But this is not the same! It's a TOS computer with a 040/060 which you
>>can add a Pentium CPU to make it work like a PC. The Pentium will sit on
>>a card, or maybe have its own CPU socket (I'm not sure which). Then you

Magnus, I understand how you meant it, but how it could be so cheap when the
Pentium card for Hades costs more than a complete PC? Do you think it's
easier to develop a Pentium card for Milan than for Hades? AFAIK Hades and
Milan are very similar in internal architecture...

>060 I think is the key word here. Short of going the way the Amiga has
>gone with a RISC, it is the best alternative processor for the TOS
>platform. I doubt that Gemulator could launch itself in the time that
>a Hades 060 could rotate a 10mb tiff file 90 degrees under

Hades? I thought we were talking about Milan030!

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