Re: AB040 Jumpers

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 98 11:18 GMT

I have the same JP1 2-3 setup as Jo. I haven't tried changing it, but it
has worked with 1x16mb, probably tried 16+8mb, and now running 2x16mb.

Why don't we start noting the build dates of our AB040 boards and
correlate with jumper info?

Right now we seem to have:

Build Date
???? 9/96 Jumpers vary with memory fitted (as posted)

Gero 11/96 JP1 2-3 required

Hey - Magnus... more arm-twisting! (The other arm :-)

Perhaps your web site could include info on the different builds of
ab040 and jumper settings as we work them out?

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