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From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 15:44:21 +0100

Hi Petr,

> >????? You must be thinking of the NOVA. Non-Gem apps run fine on the
> >040.
> That's not 100% true. True is that programs run fine on Afterburner040, but
> that's only thanks to Doug's ToolKit. Other computers with 68040 have
> various problems running older applications.

So you expect a new OS developed for 040 will be worse than TOS 4.04 on the
AB040??? I don't realy see how you can say something like that. You can't
compare the Milan with Hades as they have nothing in common, except the
PCI bios.
> >Yup, run them games in 16 colors, opps, 3.06 has been stolen, err, I
> >mean supported now, so I guess that would mean 8bit, right? But then
> >what games run on a TT?
> Confusing answer, but anyway: do you think Milan will be more Falcon
> compatible or TT compatible? I believe it will be yet another TT clone, very
> similar to Medusa T40. So again TOS 3.06 etc.

Just a question, how often do you use programs on your AB040 which requires
Falcon video? Also, if poeple wrote games with video cards in mind, like they
do on the Amiga, there should not be any problems. It's not that hard to make
a game work on a gfx card as well. The main problem is that there is not standard
way of setting up the resolution on a gfx card, yet.
> >>> Do we really need a new, not too much compatible hardware when there's
> the
> >>> Gemulator? :-)
> >
> >I have a Gemulator that is for sale real cheap. It's pucker factor
> >isn't up to my Falcons standards:).
> again: do you expect Milan will be up to your Falcon standards?

Why not???? If we are goin to judge from your email you have nothing but
problems with your Falcon and they must try hard to manage that! ;-)
> >>But this is not the same! It's a TOS computer with a 040/060 which you
> >>can add a Pentium CPU to make it work like a PC. The Pentium will sit on
> >>a card, or maybe have its own CPU socket (I'm not sure which). Then you
> Magnus, I understand how you meant it, but how it could be so cheap when the
> Pentium card for Hades costs more than a complete PC? Do you think it's
> easier to develop a Pentium card for Milan than for Hades? AFAIK Hades and
> Milan are very similar in internal architecture...

You have missed the point. If the info I have got is correct it's a BIG
difference. For the Hades you plug in a Pentium card in one of the PCI
slots. This is a complete computer, not just a Pentium CPU. The idea on the
Milan was to use the whole Milan motherboard and just add the CPU. You have
already got everything there. Memory controller, serial/parallel ports, memory
etc. A Pentium CPU isn't exactly very expensive.
> >060 I think is the key word here. Short of going the way the Amiga has
> >gone with a RISC, it is the best alternative processor for the TOS
> >platform. I doubt that Gemulator could launch itself in the time that
> >a Hades 060 could rotate a 10mb tiff file 90 degrees under
> Hades? I thought we were talking about Milan030!

There is nothing like the Milan030. That project were scrapped a LONG time
ago. The Milan will only come in flavours with 040 and 060 CPUs. The standard
box with a 040 CPU 8MB RAM, 2MB gfx card, HD and keyboard will cost 1500 DM.
It will also be bundled with different software and I even think there will be
a lite version of Papyrus and some internet soft. Don't take my words for the
software though....

//Magnus Kollberg
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