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From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 16:39:59 +0100


>> that's only thanks to Doug's ToolKit. Other computers with 68040 have
>> various problems running older applications.
>So you expect a new OS developed for 040 will be worse than TOS 4.04 on the
>AB040??? I don't realy see how you can say something like that. You can't

I have just seen Hades60, that's all.

>compare the Milan with Hades as they have nothing in common, except the
>PCI bios.


>> again: do you expect Milan will be up to your Falcon standards?
>Why not???? If we are goin to judge from your email you have nothing but
>problems with your Falcon and they must try hard to manage that! ;-)

I just wanted to say that I didn't expect Apex Media nor DSP demos to run on
Milan. That doesn't mean that I need that kind of software - it just means
that Milan *most probably* will be a TT clone (in the better case) - IMHO.

>You have missed the point. If the info I have got is correct it's a BIG
>difference. For the Hades you plug in a Pentium card in one of the PCI
>slots. This is a complete computer, not just a Pentium CPU. The idea on the
>Milan was to use the whole Milan motherboard and just add the CPU. You have
>already got everything there. Memory controller, serial/parallel ports,
>etc. A Pentium CPU isn't exactly very expensive.

If it was done this way, Milan wouldn't be a TT compatible computer, so
serial support TSR (HSMODEM) nor software with direct print would NOT work.
When HSMODEM and programs with printer output won't run, it will be just
like a MagicPC or Gemulator on a PC, again IMHO.

I am just trying to point out that Milan can be either a TT hardware
compatible computer (like is Medusa/Hades) with nearly no PC compatibility
or it can be a PC motherboard with 68040 and TOS 5.0, which will hardly run
anything but system clean software which can run on an emulated TT as well.

Actually I am looking forward to see the Milan, but I am still confused if
it is more like a TT040 or a Pentium.

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