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From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 08:51:12 +0100


> > I just wanted to say that I didn't expect Apex Media nor DSP demos to run on
> > Milan. That doesn't mean that I need that kind of software - it just means
> > that Milan *most probably* will be a TT clone (in the better case) - IMHO.
> Milan won't be neither a Falcon- nor TT-clone, it's a TOS-box :-) It
> doesn't have a Videl so it can't run anything that needs it (including
> Apex Media). It doesn't have a ROM-port, no MIDI-ports, no soundchip, no
> SCSI... Exactly what I need :-)
> > Actually I am looking forward to see the Milan, but I am still confused if
> > it is more like a TT040 or a Pentium.
> It's a PCI-computer with a 040/060, not a TT, Falcon or Pentium.

Just what I tried to say. :-)

The "problem" now is that I might get a offer I can't refuse. I can only
say that it might consist of these numbers P2 and 333 and 19". :-\

Regarding sounds] and DSP there might actually be another way to gain some
Falcon compatiblity without the need of Milan's own DSP card. There is a
Sound card for the PC which fits in the PCI slots and it have got professional
sound _and_ a DSP 56300 and 66MHz. This card costs _much_ less than the
STarTrack card and I know of someone who is looking into writing a driver for
it to add Falcon compatibility at XBIOS lever, just like the StartTrack card

//Magnus Kollberg
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