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From: Jo Even Skarstein <>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 12:15:05 +0000 (/etc/localtime)

On Mon, 2 Mar 1998, Ronald J. Hall wrote:

> 1) I'm not clear on this issue, do you have to boot an AB040 equipped
> Falcon from the floppy drive?

No, you can boot directly from harddisk with AHDI or HD-Driver.

> 2) I have Nemesis and an FPU. What will I lose/gain by adding the AB040
> to my setup?

Loose: FPU, possibly DMA-stability at 20MHz, Nemesis High-mode
Gain: Lots of speed

I know atleast one person on this list who has removed his Nemesis
completely, but mine is still installed although I can't use it much.
After an hour or so in 20MHz the Falcon gets very unstable, so I normally
run it at 32MHz.

> 3) With an AB040 installed, you use 1/4 megs of memory in the Falcons
> memory slot, and can't use higher, right? (I understand you can add
> lots more TT/Fast Ram though)

You can use 14Mb ordinary RAM with an AB installed, but if you have a Nova
as well you're restricted to max. 4Mb. The Afterburner can have upto 64Mb
fastRAM though.

> 4) The AB040 has a pass-throught port, right? So you can use other cards
> like a Falconspeed, correct? What about more than one? For example,
> can you use an AB040, Nova card, Falconspeed? (I've got the room, I
> have a DeskTopper)

It has a pass-trough port, but I'm not sure about the Falconspeed. No
problems with the Nova, although you might have to doctor the AB a bit to
fit it (nothing major).

The Nova doesn't have a pass-through port, so it has to be on top.

> 5) About the Nova card, once its installed, can you still run RGB soft-
> ware? If not, is it easy to disable the Nova so you can? I've got a
> 17" multisynch monitor that lets me run older ST games and RGB demos
> so I'd like to be able to still do that, yet gain the increased res.,
> and colors of a Nova. (800 x 600 with 16.7 million colors just sounds
> so cool!) ;-)

You'll need a monitor-switchbox, with one input connected to the standard
Videl-port, and one to the Nova. Or you can build an automatic switch, see
DoItF030 or Magnus Kollbergs homepage.

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