Re: Running Cubase (CAF) on AB040

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 13:32:58 +0100


> If you want to run CAF just as a sequencer hold down the "Alt" key while
> booting CAF and the audio part will not load.
> As buggy as it might be just think they were writting the program on a
> TOS 4.02 machine with no help from Atari at all. Still has better timing
> then all the other stuff on PC's and MAC because of MROS. So because
> of MROS it has good timing but won't run with MagiC or any new "OS"

Talking about Cubase, do you know that there is a new version released
of Cubase 3? I think it's called 3.03 and is apparenly fixed to work
better on the Hades/Milan. Does anyone know if there is a new version
of CAF on it's way as well?

//Magnus Kollberg
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