Re: Running Cubase (CAF) on AB040

Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 22:02:06 -0500

>Talking about Cubase, do you know that there is a new version released
>of Cubase 3? I think it's called 3.03 and is apparenly fixed to work
>better on the Hades/Milan. Does anyone know if there is a new version
>of CAF on it's way as well?

Hi Magnus,

I believe when version 3.xx was out they came out with an upgrade for the
TT. I have CAF and Cubase Score ver 2.00r5. Don't know about them
working on the 060's?

Now CAF, I passed the info Doug posted awhile ago to Charlie via a 2nd
party (his email address is a well guarded secret). He tried some of
the tips but they couldn't get it to work (between him and the beta
tester they tried several times). What I do know is that he had to
stop to go on to PC things. The final word was that he or someone else
would work on it again but no time frame was given. On one of the test
version's I got 4 bombs.

That's all I know.


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