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Date: Sat, 07 Mar 1998 06:12:54 GMT

Hai there,

I've just purchased a Afterburner with 32Mb TT ram and a Nova graphics card 2MB. I like to get on your mailing list. I have trouble to fill in the list on the website. It doesn't work for some reason. That's why I send it this way Okay? The system I use is very Hi-Tech. I use 2 Falcons, one for graphics and one for Audio. Falcon 1: Afterburner 040, 32Mb TT ram, 4Mb ST ram. Nova graphic card 2Mb, IDe 4.3 gig internal with 2.5 to 3.5 adapter, CD rom 4x player, In HS Bigtower. Connected to a seperate Tower with 10 gigs of scsi drives 16 feet away for noise reasons.
Falcon 2: Falcon 030,HS Bigtower, on 40Mhz and 32Mhz FPU 50Mhz DSP, IDE with 2.5 to 3.5 adapter.CD writer Yamaha, Romport 3x changer, ADAT interface, SPdif interface, FA 8 interface connected to an Yamaha O2R Digital Mixer. Connected to Falcon 1 by scsi as a scsi device, working also with the separate scsi Tower. So both Falcons can use eachothers drives. They are both connected to a Trinitron 17 inch monitor by a special switch I made wich also switches the one keyboard and mouse I use. Switching is done by the middle switch of the Mouse. This system is a real powerhouse! In the near future I will connect a second ADAT interface to Falcon 1 wich will drive Audiotracker synced with Cubase Audio giving 24 tracks and 16 digital ins and outs. The reason why I won't be using a second Cubase Audio is that it doesn't like the Nova and the problem with the 4MB ST ram wich is to little to drive Cubase proffesionally. Audiotracker has not such problems. Anyway maybe this info is of some use to someone in the group. I
 hope so. Anyone going to the NEUSS fair next month? Bye now.
Greetz Michael.
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