From: ewan colquhoun <ewan_at_twics.com>
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 1998 16:10:29 +0900

> Hi all:

I am having persistent problems using AB and CAF. Is there anyone out
there who can shed any light?

My set up is Falcon 040 + Nemesis. IBM 700 MB IDE, Conner 4 Gig SCSI
HD(fast), and no problems handling 16 tracks before the AB was fitted. I
use a SPDIF + Analog Out + a Teac DAT for recording/clock signal. I'm
running with NEM_LOW and using TK 5.something. Doug Little fitted the
AB and Nemesis, so I am sure as far as the actual fitting goes, there
should be no problems. I have CAF loaded and running in ST RAM. I am now
using AHDI 6.06 loaded from AUTO - was previously using HD Driver
6.3.(?) DSP BENCH shows 'normal' results.

The order of my AUTO apps is:

AB040 tool kit
68882 driver

The problems:

* Pops and bangs in audio. I know this can be caused by a slow or badly
fragmented hard drive, but I have neither.

 *Audio routing through the DSP is malfunctioning.

In routing audio out through the SPDIF and Analogue 8 discrete outs, I
pan right and left on consecutive tracks to get a quasi-stereo mix.
However, the audio will not route properly. A single track, for
instance, will appear on two consecutive outputs, although panned left
in the mixer on, say, channel 1; or it will appear quite arbitrarily on,
say, channel 5 or 7. I thought I had cracked this problem by reloading a
new DEF. ALL. It worked okay for a time, then the same problems
Puzzling, and again I have no idea what may be causing it. In fact, if I
go into the mixer window and pan odd-numbered pots left and right, the
audio will route properly for a time. But only for a time. If, for
example, in AUDIO SETUP I switch from FDI LFT to RT or to ADAT and then
switch back to the original setting - I use FDI LFT - the same routing
weirdness is back. Similarly if I reload the song, or even if the
machine's been on for a while, these problems reappear. Another problem
I have, which may be related, is that the clock signal from my DAT is
sometimes incorrectly recognised as 44.1 through the FDI. I thought this
may be due to the load order of the FDI_INIT in the AUTO folder, but it
appears quite also to be quite arbitrary.

*Graphics. I may open an edit window only to find that there is no
waveform for a sample; or I record a sample and it
 appears to start and end in the wrong position, although it plays back
properly. Rich Rives mentions that NVDI for CAF should be a 2nd version
running only in ST Ram, so perhaps this is where the problem lies?

All suggestions gratefully received.


ewan colquhoun.
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