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From: Jo Even Skarstein <>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 13:17:42 +0100

On Mon, 9 Mar 1998, ewan colquhoun wrote:

> use a SPDIF + Analog Out + a Teac DAT for recording/clock signal. I'm
> running with NEM_LOW and using TK 5.something. Doug Little fitted the
What happens if you leave this out and just run in 16/32MHz?

> AB and Nemesis, so I am sure as far as the actual fitting goes, there
> should be no problems. I have CAF loaded and running in ST RAM. I am now

Well, I have a very similar setup, but I can't run my AB at 40MHz for
more than an hour before it starts to crash. And SCSI is definelately
a no-no in 40MHz. So I'm running it in 32MHz with no problems at all.

> * Pops and bangs in audio. I know this can be caused by a slow or badly
> fragmented hard drive, but I have neither.

It's not only the drive that can be a problem, but the DMA in the
Falcon. It sounds like your Falcon needs fine-tuning to work perfectly
in 40MHz.

> *Audio routing through the DSP is malfunctioning.

Ditto. It could also be that CAF doesn't like accelerated DSPs. Again,
try running at 32MHz and see what happens.

> *Graphics. I may open an edit window only to find that there is no
> waveform for a sample; or I record a sample and it

Definelately a VDI-problem.

> properly. Rich Rives mentions that NVDI for CAF should be a 2nd version
> running only in ST Ram, so perhaps this is where the problem lies?

Yes, running NVDI in ST-RAM only might improve things.

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