Re: AB + CAF

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 13:52:38 +0100


> I am having persistent problems using AB and CAF. Is there anyone out
> there who can shed any light?

Probably not. The problem is CAF it self. You better mail bomb Steinberg
about it. Regarding the problem with wrong channels on the wrong output
is a bug in CAF, atleast I have heard about it before so it has not got
anything to do with the AB040.

Have you tried Doug's CAF fix? It can atleast fix a few problems if not
all of them.
> My set up is Falcon 040 + Nemesis. IBM 700 MB IDE, Conner 4 Gig SCSI
> HD(fast), and no problems handling 16 tracks before the AB was fitted. I
> use a SPDIF + Analog Out + a Teac DAT for recording/clock signal. I'm
> running with NEM_LOW and using TK 5.something. Doug Little fitted the
> AB and Nemesis, so I am sure as far as the actual fitting goes, there
> should be no problems. I have CAF loaded and running in ST RAM. I am now
> using AHDI 6.06 loaded from AUTO - was previously using HD Driver
> 6.3.(?) DSP BENCH shows 'normal' results.

What does NEM_LOW mean? Regular 16MHz bus and 32MHz DSP?

Have you tried to run without the caches?
> properly. Rich Rives mentions that NVDI for CAF should be a 2nd version
> running only in ST Ram, so perhaps this is where the problem lies?

I don't think so but try it. This problem surely points out that CAF does
some realy hair raising tricks. How they h*ll do you manage something like

Anyway, how much would people pay for a new sequenser which works properly
with even more tracks than 16? I might know of someone who might do it. It
will probably not have all the wistles and bells (and bugs) of CAF but would
work and do what you want.

//Magnus Kollberg
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