Re: AB + CAF

From: Gilles Charron <>
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 1998 11:14:26 EST


        Well, I don't have an AB but I have a nemesis fitted. I use to have
the same popping sounds in my audio output when Nemesis was Activated.
I quickly fixed this by shielding the white DMA wire that crosses the
falcon mother board. This will surely fix your DMA and SCSI problems!
Titan wasn't really "swift" when they designed the Nemesis, they should
of provided shielded cables, this would GREATLY increase the stability
of the system!

Anyhow, good luck!
Gilles Charron

>> > use a SPDIF + Analog Out + a Teac DAT for recording/clock signal.
>> > running with NEM_LOW and using TK 5.something. Doug Little fitted
>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> What happens if you leave this out and just run in 16/32MHz?
>Ah, so he is running in 20/40MHz? Could explain the sound problems.
>worth a try to switch to 16/32Mhz.
>//Magnus Kollberg

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