Re: AB + CAF

From: Mark Fassett <>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 16:29:57 -0800

     You wrote:
>*Audio routing through the DSP is malfunctioning.
>In routing audio out through the SPDIF and Analogue 8 discrete outs, I
>pan right and left on consecutive tracks to get a quasi-stereo mix.
>However, the audio will not route properly. A single track, for
>instance, will appear on two consecutive outputs, although panned left
>in the mixer on, say, channel 1; or it will appear quite arbitrarily
>on, say, channel 5 or 7. I thought I had cracked this problem by
>reloading a new DEF. ALL. It worked okay for a time, then the same
>problems appeared.

Allright.. I may be able to help about this. I was having this problem,
and it's unrelated to the Afterburner or Nemesis (since I don't have
either.. I'm a lurking musician wanting everyone else to get the bugs
out before I dive in). I have the ADAT interface, and was getting the
same sort of things you mention, including switching outputs randomly,
etc. It turned out I had a corrupted mixermap. I reinstalled it and it
runs perfectly now. Try it..

>Another problem I have, which may be related, is that the clock signal
>from my DAT is sometimes incorrectly recognised as 44.1 through the
>FDI. I thought this may be due to the load order of the FDI_INIT in the
>AUTO folder, but it appears quite also to be quite arbitrary.

I also see this occasionally via the ADAT interface.. 44.1k showing,
while connected device is actually clocking at 48k. I think the problem
is the order you power up.. it seems if I power up the master clock
device (digital mixer in my case, DAT in yours) prior to booting up the
Falcon, it works.. I haven't tried this enough to say it IS solving the
problem for sure, but it seems to work for me so far.
>*Graphics. I may open an edit window only to find that there is no
>waveform for a sample; or I record a sample and it
>appears to start and end in the wrong position, although it plays back
>properly. Rich Rives mentions that NVDI for CAF should be a 2nd version
>unning only in ST Ram, so perhaps this is where the problem lies?

I don't know about this.. I'm successfully running NVDI 3.x with CAF and


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