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From: Gilles Charron <>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 23:55:58 -0500


        I mean, why do they say in the manual that you should keep the wires
as short as possible, ok, the impedance will vary from capacitive to
inductive depending on the lenght of the wire, but at 25Mhz, it barely
changes anything!!! The real problem is the interfernce cause by all
the crossed wires and the live components in the computer.... I mean I've
got the proof, as soon as I shielded my DMA wire (the white wire), that
annoying audio popping stopped!!!

(this is simple engineering, when you design a piece of hardware, you make
sure it is isolated from any interference, especially when you just need
a shielded wire!!!)

BTW: I suggest shielding all of the wires, better be safe than sorry!

Gilles Charron

>On Mon, 9 Mar 1998, Gilles Charron wrote:
>> I quickly fixed this by shielding the white DMA wire that crosses the
>> falcon mother board. This will surely fix your DMA and SCSI problems!
>I asked Doug Little about this when I installed my Nemesis (about a
>year ago), and he said that it doesn't matter. I'm not quite sure
>about that though, and when/if I get the time and inspiration I will
>probably try this and see if things improves.
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