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From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 22:48:49 -0800 (PST)

Holy Cow Batman:),

Doug did mention a long time ago (and this might be in the
installation docs for the A/B) that all wires from the Afterburner
should be shielded (I used foil and heat shrink with the foil tied to
ground). I also sandwiched a piece of foil with two Hustler trading
cards to fit between the GALs and the bottom of the A/B. I too used a
shielded wire for the run to the DMA as well as severing the trace
from the FPU. I finally poped the heatsink off my CPU and it is indeed
a 33Mhz 040. I boot, and always run my A/B at 40Mhz without problem.
It will run at 44Mhz with the only bad side effect that the SCSI
dosen't work:). If I want a little speed however, I just keep that in
mind and only use the IDE.
The shielding made sence to me as I work with IR detectors that
operate off very low current, and daily see how noise can degrade
system performance.


> I mean, why do they say in the manual that you should keep the wires
>as short as possible, ok, the impedance will vary from capacitive to
>inductive depending on the lenght of the wire, but at 25Mhz, it barely
>changes anything!!! The real problem is the interfernce cause by all
>the crossed wires and the live components in the computer.... I mean I've
>got the proof, as soon as I shielded my DMA wire (the white wire), that
>annoying audio popping stopped!!!
>(this is simple engineering, when you design a piece of hardware, you make
>sure it is isolated from any interference, especially when you just need
>a shielded wire!!!)
>BTW: I suggest shielding all of the wires, better be safe than sorry!
>Gilles Charron
>>On Mon, 9 Mar 1998, Gilles Charron wrote:
>>> I quickly fixed this by shielding the white DMA wire that crosses the
>>> falcon mother board. This will surely fix your DMA and SCSI problems!
>>I asked Doug Little about this when I installed my Nemesis (about a
>>year ago), and he said that it doesn't matter. I'm not quite sure
>>about that though, and when/if I get the time and inspiration I will
>>probably try this and see if things improves.
>>** Jo Even Skarstein
>>** beer - maria mckee - atari falcon - babylon 5
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