From: ewan colquhoun <>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 00:23:02 +0900

Thanks for the input.

I am still having little luck routing audio properly. I have tried
running with Nemesis off, and also running with both caches off in turn.
The internal mixer maps work for a time if I delete the existing ones
and reload and set new ones up. I can record, snip change channels and
all is well, I then reload the song and it's all screwed up again. No
idea what the cause is, but it is not something I had encountered before
running with AB, at least not to this extent. I did on the 030
occasionally have a problem getting snips of samples to route properly
when copied to a different channel.

I'm curious as to whether I am the only one with this problem? It
certainly makes CAF unusable.

ewan colquhoun
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