From: Gilles Charron <>
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 17:17:00 EST

>Jo Even Skarstein wrote:
>> On Tue, 10 Mar 1998, Jo Even Skarstein wrote:
>>> Btw. I've just shielded the AB-wires and the AB-itself, I'mhoping
>>> this will increase stability in 40MHz. It's been up and running >>>
for a good half hour now...
>Are we talking nemesis wiring or AB040 wiring here? I wasn't aware of
>much (or any?) fly wiring on AB040... but I thought there was a long
>white flyer from the Nemesis... I'll have another look when I get

I was Talking about the Nemesis wiring, but if there are any other fly
wires in the AB, you should shield them (precaution).

Make sure the shields are well grounded and that they aren't touching
any componends (you could potentially burn up your computer!!!)

Gilles Charron

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