From: Jo Even Skarstein <>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 00:46:58 +0100

On Tue, 10 Mar 1998, Gilles Charron wrote:

> I was Talking about the Nemesis wiring, but if there are any other fly
> wires in the AB, you should shield them (precaution).

Well, I had the Falcon/AB running for over three hours before I had to
switch it off for further upgrading :-) It looks like the shielding
did it's job (knock on wood), if it works for three hours it should
work for 30 as well...

> Make sure the shields are well grounded and that they aren't touching
> any componends (you could potentially burn up your computer!!!)

I shielded the AB-wires with aluminium-foil and insulated it with tape
afterwards. I also sandwiched two layers of foil and three layers of
paper and shielded the entire underside of the AB. It hasn't crashed
yet, but floppy and SCSI is unusable. My next project would probably
be to replace some of the Nemesis-wires with shielded microphone-wire
and replace the DMA-resistor with a variable one.

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