Re[2]: AB + CAF

From: Mark Fassett <>
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 17:07:24 -0800

     I can verify this.. I have had the same problems, and the same
     solutions to both problems (I use a Korg 168 mixer, though).

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Subject: Re: AB + CAF
Author: at Internet
Date: 3/10/98 1:47 AM

I had similar problems with the Audio routing. I discovered that the mixermaps
had double objects wich lay behind the originals. something to do with the wrong
mixers with an update. My advice is get a new program at the American Steinberg
FTP site and change the mixers. I now work a year with CAF without any problems.
One advice I can give ADAT interface users is that you power up the device wich
it is connected to FIRST!! Then the Falcon. The clock has to be stabilised
first. I use an O2r mixer and I have to power it up first. Otherwise I get
problems with the clock.Greetz Michael.
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