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Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 21:37:19 +0100

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>> Hi all:
>I am having persistent problems using AB and CAF. Is there anyone out
>there who can shed any light?
>My set up is Falcon 040 + Nemesis. IBM 700 MB IDE, Conner 4 Gig SCSI
>HD(fast), and no problems handling 16 tracks before the AB was fitted. I
>use a SPDIF + Analog Out + a Teac DAT for recording/clock signal. I'm
>running with NEM_LOW and using TK 5.something. Doug Little fitted the
>AB and Nemesis, so I am sure as far as the actual fitting goes, there
>should be no problems. I have CAF loaded and running in ST RAM. I am now
>using AHDI 6.06 loaded from AUTO - was previously using HD Driver
>6.3.(?) DSP BENCH shows 'normal' results.
>The order of my AUTO apps is:
>AB040 tool kit
>68882 driver
>The problems:
>* Pops and bangs in audio. I know this can be caused by a slow or badly
>fragmented hard drive, but I have neither.
> *Audio routing through the DSP is malfunctioning.
>In routing audio out through the SPDIF and Analogue 8 discrete outs, I
>pan right and left on consecutive tracks to get a quasi-stereo mix.
>However, the audio will not route properly. A single track, for
>instance, will appear on two consecutive outputs, although panned left
>in the mixer on, say, channel 1; or it will appear quite arbitrarily on,
>say, channel 5 or 7. I thought I had cracked this problem by reloading a
>new DEF. ALL. It worked okay for a time, then the same problems
>Puzzling, and again I have no idea what may be causing it. In fact, if I
>go into the mixer window and pan odd-numbered pots left and right, the
>audio will route properly for a time. But only for a time. If, for
>example, in AUDIO SETUP I switch from FDI LFT to RT or to ADAT and then
>switch back to the original setting - I use FDI LFT - the same routing
>weirdness is back. Similarly if I reload the song, or even if the
>machine's been on for a while, these problems reappear. Another problem
>I have, which may be related, is that the clock signal from my DAT is
>sometimes incorrectly recognised as 44.1 through the FDI. I thought this
>may be due to the load order of the FDI_INIT in the AUTO folder, but it
>appears quite also to be quite arbitrary.
>*Graphics. I may open an edit window only to find that there is no
>waveform for a sample; or I record a sample and it
> appears to start and end in the wrong position, although it plays back
>properly. Rich Rives mentions that NVDI for CAF should be a 2nd version
>running only in ST Ram, so perhaps this is where the problem lies?
>All suggestions gratefully received.
>ewan colquhoun.

Hi ewan,

I don't have exactly the same setup as you have, but a lot of your
problems sound very familiar to me. (Even though I didn't have them
that bad.)
Anyway, here is my advice. You should definitely patch CAF with
AB040FIX.TTP which you can find on Magnus' homepage. This at least in
my case solved all my problems with cracks, pops, distortion or
switching output channels. I also tried NVDI in ST-Ram befor the
patch but it didn't make a difference.
I also should mention, that I am not using Doug's TK driver but a
more or less original driver version which was patched by Slobodan
Curcic to work better especially with MagiC.
The 16 Track mode though is still not working. Maybe if you try
it with Doug's driver and DMASNOOP. I don't know about that. I for
myself never use more than 8 Audio-tracks anyway.
Let me know, if any of this has been of some help to you.

Take care.


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