Re: Atari sold ??!!

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 14:19:58 +0100


> > yesterday, i received this message:
> > systems in the future, but it is doughtful as they could possibly release a
> > newer and better system. Things are really starting to look up for Atari,
> > and
> Now where have I heard *that* before? ;-) I'm willing to bet my Falcon
> that no such system will ever make it to the market. Firstly, I
> believe this is a hoax. And if not, they're doomed to fail. When you
> compete against Sony, Nintendo and Sega it's not enough to promote it
> as "the new 2600".

Hehehee... this is only getting better. The truth is that JTS has sold of
everything related to Atari to this company including TOS etc. As they
probably not give a damn about any TOS boxes but I guess someone else should
be able to buy that part realy cheap as they didn't pay much for the whole
Atari in the first place.

I would think that they bought Atari in order to use the name on a new
games console. Apparently they have been working for a games console for
ages but never managed to release anything and they have a smimilar product
to the Lynx, but the Lynx is still much better. All they are interrested in
are toys so who cares?

//Magnus Kollberg
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