Re: NOVA!!! :-)

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 08:13:42 +0100

Hi Jo,

Yesterday night I managed to get some things working. Now I have more

I'd like to build that Videl/Mach switcher, but I don't know what signal is
used for switching between the VGA output. I intended to use one signal from
the extended joysticks (as e.g. ScreenBlaster does) but since several people
already use the switch I want to stay compatible with them (especially
because there will be more software supporting this switching, soon).

So is it the ACIA MIDI signal? I would use that, because my MIDI ACIA is
free. But what about Nemesis users?

>> 2) how to work with the MENU.PRG? Why did I choose RightShift+Control?
>Hold down the hotkeys while booting to display the menu. You can then
>select resolution etc.

Since the RightShiftControl didn't work I changed it for 3 seconds delay...

>> 3) how to get NVDI working together with NOVA?
>Delete or rename the NVDI screen-drivers (nvdidrv?.sys) so NVDI
>doesn't find them. NVDI must run after sta_vdi.prg. Use the enclosed
>program (sorry for the binary guys, but it's only 5K...) to

OK, thanks.

>> 4) how to disable that crazy mouse accelerator?
>In the Nova accessory or CPX.

I found that CPX later and used it to turn the mouse off. I hate when
several accelerators accelerate my mouse at once :-)

>> 5) how to generate my favourite 896x640 resolution?
>Load the VMG-program and start experimenting... That's how I did it

I managed to get my favourite resolution - interesting is I used 55 MHz
clock in the Mach setup (VIDEL must manage it with just 50 MHz ;-)

>> 6) how to programatically switch the NOVA to e.g. 320x240x256 (for games)
>If you want to write games for the Nova I have some example source
>here. But if you want to run existing games on the Nova; forget it.

Yes, I do want to write games for Nova (actually I bought Nova to get the
Atari800 emulator running at full speed ;-). Please send me the example

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