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Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 01:35:34 -0500

> Hi all:
>I am having persistent problems using AB and CAF. Is there anyone out
>there who can shed any light?

>All suggestions gratefully received.
>ewan colquhoun.

Here goes,

I run my Nemesis on Nem_Low and use TOOLKIT 4.09 for CAF.

Make sure "everything" is running from ST ram. Don't forget to check
MROS. The latest version is 3.45. Do you use a boot manager? If not get
one. Make a copy of NVDI and call it NVDI_ST and turn off all Fast ram
flags. To check if you have any video conflicts (don't run a screen
enhancer yet) shrink the arrange page and the waveform pages and then
enlarge them buy right clicking in the window arrow scroll points, play
back some audio in both cases (shrunk and enlarged).

Audio routing ...this is a CAF thing not a AB thing. Happened once to me
when I unloaded some of the DSP mixermaps. So the answer maybe.. are you
unloading any other the DSP mixermaps (Reverb, Filter, Chorus, Graphic)
Leave these loaded, (only one can be active and that is set in the
hardware page).

When recording stereo files only record them into track 1 (channel set to
Any) when done move the file (part in the arrange page) to an empty "ODD"
numbered track.

It is very important that everything (except for TOS) runs from STram.

Are you running any ACC's?

I run

AHDI 6.06u (auto boot) All flags turned off!
ToolKit 4.09 All flags On
68882 All flags On
Nemesis All flags On
FDI Init (Sound Pools version) I can send this one. (814 bytes) ver 1.02
              Only the FastLoad flag On
NVDI_ST ver 4.12 running from ST ram, Only the FastLoad flag On
Nem_Low All flags On
BCACHE40 Fast Load & Load Into Fast Ram only

Also run XCONTROL panel and with the AB040 CPX trun "off" the DATA CACHE.
Keep the Instruction CACHE On.

Running you harddisk driver into Fast ram will give you mixed results with
CAF, I haven't tested ver 7.xx of HDDriver.

Check all your cable connections (how long is your SPDIF cable?) Also you
should keep the FDI away from any heat source. There have been problems
with the clock signal when the FDI has been placed ontop of the old
Falcon case. The cable from the DSP port to the FDI (get the solder
joints) I have a pinout to FDI pin in ascii chart if you need it. This
cable cannot go more than 1 1/2 to 2 feet without a buffer installed.

With the ADAT interface I sometimes find it necessary to recheck the
clock in the hardware page, infact I do this more often than I thought
(habit now). Because the clock signal does get lost from time to time.
Also "Reset Devices" may fix things now & then.

Hope this helps.



And my apologies for not getting back to you.
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