Re: videlity resolutions with nemisis

From: Nick Ripley <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 01:07:23 +0000

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Skarstein <> writes
>On Mon, 23 Mar 1998, Nick Ripley wrote:
>> I am currently having an AB40 fitted to a nemisised F030, and obtain
>> higher screen resolutions via Videlity. I therefore was wondering, with
>> the AB40 fitted, will even higher resolutions be available?
>No. It's actually the other way around, as the AB reduces the
>performance on the "ST"-bus.
oops! I hadn't realised

>> I heard that the above set-up has probems with screenblaster etc, so
>> would the only other alternative be to find a nova card?
>There's no problems with Videlity on the AB, which basically is the
>same as screenblaster. But if you can find a Nova (perhaps Homa
>Systems have some left) then buy one, it's excellent.
>> Previously I was able to obtain 720 x 560 in TC mode, but CAB et all
>> were still slow, as it runs at the equivalent of a normal falcon.
>A Nova with VRAM can run e.g. 1024x768 in 16 or 24 bits, and still be
>a lot faster than the Videl in 16 colours.
Ahh, that's definetly it then. Homa have none left, unfortunately, they
are attempting to get some more. Anyone here want to get rid of their
card <g> No. I didn't think so.

One thought... with the forthcoming release of the Milan, and no doubt
the availability of PCI (or ISA) graphics cards for them, someone must
be writing the VDI drivers for these. If that it the case, then AFAIK it
would not be too arduous to produce a PCI adaptor for the internal
expansion port, the difficulty lies in writing the driver.

nick ripley

Nick Ripley
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