Re: NOVA bug?

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 08:58:19 +0100

PS>right before minute my system stopped updating screen for the third time
PS>during last two days. I can easily reproduce it: I am in Everest (latest
PS>version) and after writting long mail I just press Ctrl+A (start marking
PS>block) and then Shift+ClrHome (to mark text to the end). The text is

It's even easier to reproduce it: just Ctrl+A and move cursor down with
arrow key. When the screen should scroll up one line whole AES (or VDI
or whatever) stops. I still can shutdown system with Ctrl-Alt-Q, but
that's all I can do :-/

Can someone test it on his/her system, please?

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