Re: NOVA bug?

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 12:27:29 +0100


> > I have read some articles in about that 'CAB problem' - that might
> > be another case where the problem is not in the running program, but in the
> > underlying drivers...
> Thatīs a bug in the offscreen-driver in recent versions of Nova VDI.

I have spooken to Gerhard about it and unfortunatley I must say that he has
changed attitude since the last time I spooked to him. I can understand him
but it doesn't realy help us. Regarding CAB Gerhard still thinks the problem
lays in CAB and not NovaVDI but he wont look at it as long as Alexander
doesn't send him some _code_ to test. He does not have the time to debug
CAB and if he is going to look at possible bugs in the future he will only
do it if the programmer sends him some code to look at.

Maybe someone could try to make a small hack which uses offscreen bitmaps
and see if you can reproduce the problem? I would do it if I had the time.

//Magnus Kollberg
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