Re: NOVA bug?

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 11:21:46 +0100

>> right before minute my system stopped updating screen for the third time
>> during last two days. I can easily reproduce it: I am in Everest (latest
>> version) and after writting long mail I just press Ctrl+A (start marking
>> block) and then Shift+ClrHome (to mark text to the end). The text is
>> partially marked, but after this machine stops responding to keyboard
>> and mouse (but I can switch to virtual console and kill Everest - part
>> of Thing is redrawn, but "transparently" through Everest window).
>Sounds like a bug in Everest to me...

If Everest always worked fine and now stopped working with NOVA, can I call
this a "bug in Everest"? I doubt it. I think Everest is (like any clean GEM
program) written to use GEM, but does not support any NOVA feature directly
(again, I think). So if such a program stops working correctly, I believe
it's a bug somewhere else than in that program.

I have read some articles in about that 'CAB problem' - that might
be another case where the problem is not in the running program, but in the
underlying drivers...

But I have NOVA for just two days, so I can't write judgements (yet)...

BTW, anyone needs a corner clock that supports NOVA resolutions? :-))

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