RE: FPU Problems

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 13:23:04 -0700

RE: Jo's response,

Umm, I hadn't thought about this. I had problems on two machines before,
(with the FPU) but only after accelerating the CPU clock. My Might Sonic
machine runs at 32Mhz CPU/16Mhz bus, but I run the FPU at 64Mhz (40Mhz
882). It's not reliable (the fpu) if I use the 32Mhz system clock. With
the Nemesis install, it was the same story, but I forget the clock speed
I used.
I swapped out the fpu at lunch with no luck yet, so tonight I will try
feeding it from a different clock.


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