Re: Quitting Programs

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 08:52:10 +0200


Aha, look what I found. I think this is what I was looking for, but I
guess it might be another problem.

> with regard to my email a couple of days ago, i have found out what is
> causing it. it is a program called 'wavemaster' by soundpool. it loads and
> works ok as an accessory but when programs are quitted or trying to change
> screen mode, this seems to crash.
> is there a simple reason for this or is it a programming thing?

It's a "programming" thing and a bug in Wavemaster. When a program
works like ACC there is some things you must be aware of.

In the case of a program qutting/starting the memory allocated by
the ACC will be freed and could be used by another program. There is
a special AES call telling the ACC that a program has started/ended.
I'm not sure if it covers both starting and quitting of programs,
but it certainly is one of them. I think it's qutting....

The same goes for a reschange. The program must be able to handle
reschanges. My belife is that Wavemaster was first done to work as
a regular application and then they added the ability to run it
as a ACC and didn't care about these things.

Tell SoundPool about it as it is a bug and it's documented how these
things should be handled!

//Magnus kollberg
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