Re: Milan motherboard

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 08:59:36 +0200


> I've heard that a Milan motherboard with TOS and MC68040 was for just
> 800 DM!!! Can anyone confirm that super price? (please note that
> Afterburner040 used to be for about 1100 DM and you didn't get new TOS
> nor PCI slots with it...)

I can't confirm it but it sounds about correct. You can get a complete system
for 1500 DM and if you remove HD, RAM, case and GFX card it sounds about right.

Later this year a 060 version will be available and then I will probably get
one just for the fun of it. :-)

There is also DSP card being developed in france (the same guy who did the PARSEC
if anyone remember that one) and they have made a PCI/VME bridge to connect a
StarTrack card (blody expensive though) which is Falcon compatible at XBIOS level.

Did they show and sell the Milan at this years Neuss Atari fair???

Did it work? :-)

//Magnus Kollberg
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