Re: NOVA programming

From: Johan Klockars <>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 11:16:46 +0200 (MET DST)

> JES>> And how to copy the screen to the NOVA screen as fast as possible -
> JES>> just set of move.l or is there a VDI function that is faster?
> JES>
> JES>If you need to copy from/to the videoram, then move.l should be
> JES>fastest.
> Apparently this is much slower than Doug's c2p routines to super slow
> 256-color mode ST-RAM. I don't get it.

'Much' _slower_? Any numbers?

It should not be possible to write to the Falcon bus faster than what's done
by Doug's (or my ;-) eight bit c2p routines.
However, the bandwidth to ST-RAM should be slightly better when you have a
NOVA board to handle the display, so I'd expect at least _some_ improvement.
It's of course possible that communication over the ISA bus is slow, though.

Try blitting (using the VDI) some large chunks of memory to the screen and
check the timing. I'd expect the NOVA VDI to be good at such things, even
if it would surprise me if there was a better way than using MOVE.L (an)+,(an)+
on an AB040 in this case.
MOVEM shouldn't be better on an '040, but MOVE16 might be.

> JES>> How to setup the proper colors? Are Falcon TOS functions (XBIOS) patched for
> JES>> NOVA? (haven't tried it yet as I use direct VIDEL color HW registers
> JES>> currently).

I very much doubt that. You'll probably have to use vs_color.

> I was writting a .TTP program, so it was hard to call VDI. However as I
> need to call wind_update I will have to convert it to GEM app :-/

The only difference would be that you need to two or three AES/VDI
functions, which shouldn't be any trouble.

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