Re: Apex and Nova

From: Nick Ripley <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 23:48:23 +0100

In message <>, Magnus
Kollberg <> writes
>> Is it possible to get Apex working with a Nova card and the AB040?
>Apex 2 no. The long awaited Apex 3 yes. The problem is that noone knows
>if or when Apex 3 will get released. I don't think it has been canceled
>all together, but I don't think it's being worked on either.
>There are a number of other gfx packages which are also very good which
>do work on the Nova. One is PhotoLine and if you buy it directly from
>ComputerInsel it's not very expensive either. I think they want 100DM
>for it which is cheap.
>Then there is PhotoLab which looks very promessing and for animation there
>is Mountain which is outstanding.
Magnus, I have not heard of these last two, packages, where do I get
any further info from?

Nick Ripley
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