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From: Nick Ripley <>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 11:59:40 +0100

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Klockars <> writes
>> I am a new AB040 owner... but presently wishing I wasn't.
>I'm sorry to hear that. Let's hope we can solve your problems.
>> My Falcon has lost all usual functionality.
>What has stopped working?
A few programs are causing problems, particularly Papyrus, which objects
to the former cache settings.
Also there appears to be no details for half-clocking the CPU to get TC
mode above 320 x 240 where previously I was able to obtain 720 x 544 TC,
esential for CAB.
As I said, loading extra programs like MagiC, Thing or HS Modem is not
possible, unless I run the machine for about 10 minutes or so in TOS,
and sometimes it will allow a warm boot to then load TK4 etc.
>> The only vaugley stable set up is listed below.
>What have you changed from your usual setup?
>Some things do cause problems with an '040, but not very much IME.
>> GEM Bench v4.03 ˝ Ofir Gal - 3 March 95
>> Run and Malloc from STRAM
>Why? Don't you have any FastRAM?
>> GEM Dialog Box: 2.055 224%
>> VDI Enquire: 0.850 205%
>> New Dialogs: 4.380 133%
>Really low numbers, but it seem you've run GEMBench in ST-RAM for some
>reason. Perhaps that's true for NVDI etc as well?
Yep, sorry for the above, I thought that the flags were set for
>Since things seem to be working, I'd be surprised if the slowness isn't
>caused by your Toolkit and/or program flag settings.
Ok, new figures, much better, (but some of the others are slower than I
would expect): Gem dialog 306%
VDI Enquire 760%
New Dialogs 293%
CPU 610%
The above is in 16 colours but this time include Nemisis

Toolkit settings as follows:
        Enable D & I cache
        TOS Superstack write through mode use Fastram
        Write protect Rom
        Nemisis 40mhz
        Allocate Fast Ram
        Perform Ram check
        Videl 4mb

Nick Ripley
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