Re: Is this normal!!

From: Nick Ripley <>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 16:57:43 +0100

In message <Pine.MNT.3.96-MiNT.980418153136.84B-100000_at_bluto>, Jo Even
Skarstein <> writes
>On Sat, 18 Apr 1998, Nick Ripley wrote:
>> Also there appears to be no details for half-clocking the CPU to get TC
>> mode above 320 x 240 where previously I was able to obtain 720 x 544 TC,
>> esential for CAB.
>Use the Nemesis-program 'NEMHI_AB.PRG'.
Oh, I was told not to use this.
>> Toolkit settings as follows:
>> Processor
>> Enable D & I cache
>> TOS Superstack write through mode use Fastram
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>Don't use Fastram for the Superstack if you want to use MagiC or any
>other alternative OS.
no, this is for TOS set up only.
>> General
>> Write protect Rom
>> Nemisis 40mhz
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>It's not trivial to get Afterburners to work perfectly in 40Mhz. Run
>in 32MHz instead until things are stable, then start experimenting
>with 40MHz.
Your not joking. TOS is now unstable with this, so, if I can get back
into the system for more than a few minutes then I will reset this.
What suprises me is HOW unstable it all is though.
Thanks for the feedback Jo.

Nick Ripley
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