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From: Nick Ripley <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 00:11:31 +0100

In message <Pine.MNT.3.96-MiNT.980418203916.381B-100000_at_bluto>, Jo Even
Skarstein <> writes
>Some AB's won't even start in 40MHz. However, there are some things
>you can do to improve stability:
>1. Shield the underside of the AB with aluminium-foil.
>2. Shield the wires from the GALs to the AB.

>3. Replace the white wire from the Nemesis buffer to the DMA-chip with
> shielded wire.
>4. You *have* done the resistor/inductor modificiation to the
> DMA-chip? (My AB wouldn't even boot until I did this)
these last two have been done

BTW, an odd problem that I have encountered is with CAB 2.5. It works
fine off-line, but when I try to use it live with StiK it crashes
immeadiately. StiK is ok with Newsie .88 so I don't think that is the
problem and I am using JPGD in the auto, so that should be ok too AFAIK.
Anyone experienced this?

regards Nick
Nick Ripley
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