Re: do you like this idea?

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 00:52:59 +0100

On Wed, 22 Apr 1998 11:09:51 +0200, Magnus Kollberg wrote:

MK>> I've got an idea: I could try to put the init code for NOVA card into
MK>> TOS, so we NOVA AB users would be able to actually see the boot and use
MK>> XBOOT (no, I don't have two monitors nor automatic VGA switch yet).
MK>Well, why not patch the whole f*cking TOS with AB040 support and Nova
MK>support and burn it into a PROM? Fix a image file and I will burn it
MK>and try. No need for the toolkit, atleast not in it's current form, or
MK>that emulator.prg.

Once you burn the EPROM you'll be unable to change anything. The Doug's
ToolKit is just perfect because it is so configurable. I know you still
have two EPROMs (one is mine, IIRC), but first we need to test the whole
thing. If it proves to be a good idea for NOVA users, I will be able to
send you the ROM image very easily.

MK>> What do you think? We wouldn't need the EMULATOR.PRG then... Just the
MK>> very first boot would be with black screen, but once the Doug's ToolKit
MK>> was started we would have the screen output on NOVA.
MK>Sounds like a good idea and better than nothing. It should be possible

you say "better than nothing"? I believed it's something that's
generally very useful (to see how the computer boots so you actually can
use XBoot). Now I just can't see what setup boots on my machine, and I
can hardly change it.

MK>> Tell me if it's worth trying.
MK>Sure, go ahead! :-)

Yes, a standard Magnus' answer :-) I asked because I knew this would take
several days or weeks of work (just the disassembling of EMULATOR.PRG is
not an easy task). And I have several hundred of other things to do, so
I might better spend the time by building the automatic VGA switch and
so solve the problem for myself.

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