Fed up

From: <siethoff_at_xs4all.nl>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 23:46:26 GMT

Hi All,

I'm really getting fed up by Magic. I can't use the Icache function with it when I use Nova. The nova_scr.acc seems to do nothing to cure it. The system is down to 260% wich is no better than if I had a power-up installed instead of an Aterburner with Nova! Also my Calamus 93 can't use any keyinput anymore. This is Magic's doing I'm sure. I'm thinking of selling the whole system for a Hades or something if things don't improve. Is there nobody who has any clues whats going on here. Why does calamus95 work normally and 93 not? Why can't I use Icache in Magic with the Nova? Please help me.
Greetz Michael.
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